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Delta 9 THC Drinks – THC Seltzer: Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Whether you are looking for a stress-free alternative to alcohol, or just want to experience the soothing effects of cannabis, a THC drink is a great option. Bltizd Delta 9 Seltzer has been formulated for quality, dosage, and taste. While they are not a substitute for alcoholic beverages, they are just as socially acceptable. If you want to try a THC drink, then look no further than our very own which also contains antioxidants, natural caffeine, 0 calories, 0g sugar & 0 hangovers!


You should always be mindful of your dosage and our seltzer is formulated with the highest quality nano hemp derived delta-9 thc technology so the onset will be very fast. They can be enjoyed in social settings, as they help create a relaxing, comfortable environment. They’re also easier to dose than edibles, which can take hours to kick in.

What You Should Know About THC Drinks
Whether you’re hosting a social gathering or just want to enjoy the taste of marijuana on your own, THC drinks are a great way to get the buzz without the need to smoke or drink alcohol. Most are low in calories, sugar and caffeine, so you’ll be able to enjoy them without the worry of overeating or a raging headache.In addition, they can be just as socially acceptable as alcohol.

THC drinks are often marketed for social settings like weddings, parties or bar nights. They are also popular around the house for chill evenings. Blitzd is available in Watermelon, Blood Orange & Lime in a 12oz skinny can with 40mg of caffeine per can. Our water soluble technology is tasteless and delivers an amazing dose of mg thc in sparkling water with a full body taste profile.

Our fast onset comes from our proprietary nanotechnology which allows the blood barrier to be penetrated so within 5-10 minutes the whole body’s endocannabinoid system is flooded with a euphoric feeling of “highness.” You can read more information on our Nano Lab at Nano Hemp Tech Labs in regards to THC Drinks and our Seltzer technology.

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Watermelon, Lime, Blood Orange


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