D8 Moonrocks


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The Galactic Delta 8 Moonrocks are your ticket to the ultimate body and mind bliss!

Combining the best of hemp flower, oil, and dusted kief, the Delta 8 Moonrocks are little fireballs working in favor of your wellbeing.

To produce it, hemp flower is first dipped in distillate and then rolled in high-potency kief. The procedure is repeated thrice to ensure its maximum effects and the highest concentration of both Delta 8 and CBD, whilst respecting the FDA-recommended THC level of < 0.3%.

The Delta 8 Moonrocks have high potency, more so than similar products, and come in a wide range of natural aromas and flavors as well as some undeniable health benefits!

With a proactive psychoactive effect, the product provides instant clear-headedness and a drastic euphoric effect. Rich in taste, texture, and healing qualities, the Delta 8 Moonrocks reduce anxiety and severe stress, whilst introducing greater calmness, lucidity, and an uplifting high!

Due to its powers, the Delta 8 Moonrocks are particularly fit for users dealing with bodily pains, nausea, sleeping issues, inflammation, paranoia, and even cancer.

Best used in the evening, especially for first-timers, a hit of the Delta-8 Moonrocks is bound to deliver that feel-good factor and take your experience for a spin!

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