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HHC Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars

Terpboys, mission is to continuously strive to create products that are superior and a step above anything else on the market. Our milk & dark chocolate bars are no exception.

Packed with 500mg of HHC, Terpboys 500MG HHC Dark Chocolate Bars bring a delicious, creamy, sweet, and luxurious experience with each mouthful. Our dark chocolate bar is guaranteed to appease your cocoa cravings while reaping the benefits that HHC has to offer. Be warned, just one square packs a powerful, chocolate-filled punch that can be enjoyed any time! Each square had 50mg of HHC.

Also available in Terpboys 500MG HHC Milk Chocolate.

What is HHC?

While it may sound like a completely new thing, HHC was first created in 1944 when a chemist added a few hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC. Through the process of hydrogenation, THC is converted into HHC, similarly to the way that vegetable oil is converted into margarine. These days, HHC is derived from the small amounts of THC found in federally legal hemp plants.

HHC is part of a massive wave of other hemp-derived cannabinoids, including delta-8 THC, THC-O, and delta-10 THC. However, HHC is the most elusive one out of all of these. It hasn’t been studied extensively, and there are a lot of contradictory statements about it online. However, it’s crucial to remember that hemp-derived HHC isn’t THC at all— it only offers THC-like effects.

As many states push to ban delta-8 THC, more and more hemp companies look into HHC for its similarities. Since it feels like delta-8 THC but isn’t actually THC at all, there’s more legal promise and appeal to it.

HHC Potency and Effects

It’s hard to pinpoint precisely how potent HHC is. When HHC is made, it produces two different kinds of HHC molecules: 9R HHC and 9S HHC. The first is an active compound that binds to our endocannabinoid receptors and can cause us to feel high. The latter has a different molecular structure that has a much harder time binding to the endocannabinoid receptors, so it takes much more of it to cause any effects. Since the ratios of active and inactive HHC can vary with each batch, potency is a bit nebulous.

But that said, active HHC (9R HHC) produces similar effects to delta-8 THC. However, it takes a higher dose to cause those similar effects. Basically, HHC offers THC-like effects in high amounts in the mind and body. It’s less potent than delta-8 THC milligram per milligram, making it about ¼ of the potency of standard delta-9 THC.

Since it offers similar effects to THC, HHC can be used for improving moods, relieving stress, reducing pain, encouraging appetite, and helping you sleep. It causes a very mild high that many people claim to be invigorating, energizing, and suitable for pain.

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