The Tarantula



Go Big with THE HEMPTENDER The Tarantula

An easy and effective way to get CBD is by smoking hemp flowers. Don’t know how to roll? Not a problem. We do the rolling for you with the Tarantula. Most of hemp’s compounds are in the flower, which explains why each 1-gram hemp roll contains 200 to 225mg of CBD.

Three CBD Products in One

The Tarantula isn’t your normal hemp roll. We’ve rolled out the CBD red carpet and brushed the mega roll with a 99.5% CBD distillate. If that’s not enough, we rolled it through high-quality kief, which is a CBD concentrate. Combined, the hemp roll includes 200 to 225mg of CBD. The Tarantula is available in packages of one, two, and five rolls.

Relax with Friends & The Tarantula

Smoking hemp flower is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. For an extra-amazing experience, break out the hemp roll with friends and share the happiness. If you don’t want to share (and we don’t blame you!) consider lighting up the Tarantula before bed to relax and help you get a better night’s rest.


    People have been cultivating hemp for over 10,000 years. It’s a safe and effective plant that provides natural relief for muscle pains and reduces anxious feelings. When you’re not sore or anxious, your stress levels are lower, and you can maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

    We only source hemp from plants legally grown in the U.S. that’s cultivated without harsh chemicals. THE HEMPTENDER’s hemp flowers meet all state and federal regulations for safety.


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