Delta Cannabis Water 22mg THC + CBD Beverage – Maui Wowie x Passionfruit – Single/4pk


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Introducing Delta Cannabis Water’s latest innovation – an exhilarating, hangover-free alternative to alcohol. This uplifting sativa blend combines the legendary Maui Wowie strain with the exotic essence of passionfruit, all elegantly infused into a refreshing seltzer. Each can is packed with 20mg of THC and 2mg of CBD, providing a harmonious balance that guarantees a delightful experience without the unwanted morning-after effects. Embrace the spirit of relaxation and revelry, sip by sip, with Delta Cannabis Water – the perfect choice for those seeking all the fun and none of the regrets. Unleash your inner good vibes with every sparkling sip!

  • Delta Cannabis Water: Maui Wowie x Passionfruit 
    • 20MG THC 
    • 2 MG CBD 
    • 0 CALORIES 


Potential Benefits of THC + CBD 

The synergy between THC and CBD is a harmonious partnership that many cannabis enthusiasts appreciate. In Delta Cannabis Water, the inclusion of 2mg of CBD alongside 20mg of THC creates a well-balanced experience. CBD is known for its potential to mellow out the more intense effects of THC, promoting a smoother, more controlled high. This synergy ensures that consumers can enjoy the uplifting sativa blend of Maui Wowie and passionfruit without overwhelming intensity, making Delta Cannabis Water a perfect choice for those seeking a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

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DELTA Cannabis Water


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