The Hemptender Pets 500mg CBD Pet Tincture – 2 Flavors



Infused with a mouth-watering chicken and bacon flavor, The Hemptender’s CBD Pet Tinctures offer a taste that your pets crave. CBD offers many different potential benefits to our faithful furry friends and may help boost their immune system, support their heart health, and improve their skin and coat. Many pet lovers are trying CBD to help them reduce their pet’s anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. 

Chock full of Omega-3s and other wholesome ingredients, our pet tinctures are the natural solution when it comes to giving your pet an improved quality of life, reducing their stress, and keeping them looking and feeling their best. 

Note: While the ingredients used in this tincture are human-grade, they’re not recommended for human consumption. This product contains less CBD  than our standard tinctures and includes other ingredients to better accommodate your pets’ individual dosing needs and dietary requirements. 

How to use our CBD Pet Tinctures

Always consult your veterinarian before using this product. Adverse side effects may occur if your pet is on certain medications. 

A good rule of thumb is to use 1-5mg of CBD per 10 lbs of body weight. For pets under 10lbs, use 0.2mg per pound of body weight. When administering CBD to your pet, we recommend starting with a smaller serving size to see how it will affect them and working your way up until you see desirable results. 

Remember, CBD works best when it’s taken every day, like a supplement. Give your pet a dose of our CBD pet tincture every day twice daily for several days for best results. Use the dosing guide on the label to start, but keep in mind that every pet will react to CBD differently, so you may need to increase or decrease the dose you administer. 

For general wellness, start with 1mg per 10 lbs of body weight. If you’re managing moderate symptoms, use 3mg/10 lbs of body weight. If your pet has severe symptoms, you can start with 5mg/10lbs of body weight. 

To give your pet a CBD tincture, use the dropper to measure out the ideal dose based on your pet’s body weight. You can squirt the oil directly into their mouths, allow them to lick it from your hand or their empty bowl, or you can add it to their morning and evening meals. 

Dosing Guide: 

Pet’s Weight  Small Dose  Medium Dose  Large Dose 
1-10lbs  1mg  3mg   5mg 
10-20lbs  2mg 6mg 10mg 
20-40lbs  4mg 12mg 20mg 
40-60 lbs  6mg 18mg 30mg 
60-80 lbs  8mg 24mg  40mg 
80-100 lbs  10mg 30mg 50mg 
100-150 lbs  12mg  60mg 75mg 

Ingredients: Organic Fractured Coconut Oil (MCT), Sunflower Oil, Natural flavors, Hemp-Derived CBD 

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