Delta-8 THC has exploded in popularity lately thanks to its similarities to traditional THC. While you might be familiar with Delta-8 flower, edibles, or vape cartridges, you may not have seen delta-8 live resin, wax, or other concentrates before. But have no fear. We’re breaking down what delta-8 concentrates are and how they work below. 

What is delta-8 THC? 

Delta-8 THC, AKA delta-8 or d8, is a minor cannabinoid found in hemp. However, it naturally occurs in such low numbers that it’s more commonly made by altering the chemical structure of CBD, which is much more abundant. 

Delta-8 is more similar to THC than to CBD, though. It causes a high just like the one from weed, but its slightly different chemical structure makes it feel less potent. That’s not a bad thing, though. Many people prefer d8 to d9 because its high is milder and easier to control. 

Under the 2018 farm bill, hemp-derived cannabinoids are legal on a federal level. While some states have moved to ban delta-8 THC for its similarities to standard THC, it’s still growing exponentially in popularity in places like North Carolina and other states that don’t have a recreational marijuana program. 

What are delta-8 concentrates? 

If you’ve been to a state with medical or recreational marijuana, odds are you’re familiar with concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are things like live resin, shatter, wax, and rosin. Each one is made by concentrating plant matter to make it more potent. 

Delta-8 concentrates are no different. They are a highly concentrated form of delta-8 THC, refined through distillation to leave behind a pure and concentrated amount of the cannabinoid. 

Typically, delta-8 concentrates are made in a lab through isomerization, which transforms CBD into delta-8. From there, special machinery and techniques are used to make the extracts into a dabbable form. 

You can find delta-8 concentrates in shatter, wax, crumble, budder, vape oil, syringes, tinctures, and more. Usually, strain-specific terpenes are added to the oil before the refinement process to add flavor and allow for the entourage effect

Benefits of dabbing delta-8 concentrates over other consumption methods 

While delta-8 flower, vapes, and edibles exist in abundance, many people prefer to dab delta-8 concentrates for several reasons, which we’ve broken down below. 


Unlike flower or edibles, concentrates contain more cannabinoids. Since concentrates are made by concentrating large amounts of d8 into a dabbable substance, they naturally have more cannabinoids than other products. The added potency is a massive bonus for managing extremely stubborn symptoms since you’ll get more bang for your buck. 


Since delta-8 concentrates are improved with natural strain-specific terpenes, you get to enjoy more flavor from your experience than you would with flower or edibles. These strain-specific terpenes come from cannabis strains, which add to your dab experience. More importantly, they support the entourage effect, showcasing how cannabinoids and terpenes are stronger when taken together. 

Cleaner High 

Even though dabbing involves vaporizing the concentrate under high temperatures, the high is a lot cleaner than smoking or vaping. When you smoke, plant matter burns and leaves behind resin and hot smoke, which burns your lungs and comes with a few risks. Dabbing, on the other hand, doesn’t produce anywhere near as much resin or carcinogens since there’s no plant material to burn. While dabbing may make you cough, you won’t have as many unwanted byproducts as other methods, and you’ll get a cleaner, more balanced high. 


Last but not least, delta-8 concentrates are discreet. Unlike flower, which is smelly when smoked, the process of dabbing vaporizes the concentrate completely, leaving behind little to no odor. You can enjoy a d8 dab without worrying about stinking up your whole apartment or drawing unwanted attention from roommates or less-than-cool family members. 

Where to find delta-8 concentrates 

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