The cannabis industry is all about innovation, which is part of why it seems like new cannabinoids and terpenes are being discovered every day. Recently, a pair of phytocannabinoids called THC-H and THC-P were discovered. Here’s a complete rundown on THC-H and how it works. Keep an eye out for our next blog, which will be covering THC-P!

What is THC-H? 

THC-H is a super rare but naturally occurring cannabinoid found in both hemp and cannabis. Because of the way it interacts with the CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid system, it’ll get you high like the regular THC (delta-9 THC) does. However, THC-H seems to interact with these receptors in a more powerful way, leading people to believe that THC-H may feel up to ten times stronger than delta-9 THC. 

While not a lot is known about THC-H yet, plenty of research is already underway. What we do know comes from anecdotal reports from people who have tried THC-H, along with a few animal studies by scientists who think it may make you feel more uplifted and euphoric.

Where does THC-H come from? 

THC-H was discovered in 2020 when Italian researchers isolated it from cannabis alongside THC-P. Their discovery led to the belief that these two cannabinoids might be the most potent forms of THC you can find on the market. Evidence suggests that they offer strong psychoactive effects that may make you feel higher than you’d feel on regular delta-9 THC. 

THC-H is a minor cannabinoid, so it can be found in both cannabis and hemp plants in minimal concentrations. Most of the time, THC-H is synthesized in a lab since it doesn’t occur enough in nature to be delivered to the masses. 

Potential effects and benefits of THC-H 

Since THC-H is still so new, there is very little scientific research available to determine its full range of potential effects or benefits. However, the first anecdotal reports outlined that it may boost your mood and assist with pain relief— much like THC. 

The Italian team who discovered THC-H also tested its effects in mice and found that it might block the physiological detection of pain, making it easier for them to cope with and manage their pain. 

All in all, all we really know about THC-H is that it’s very potent and might bring on a stronger kind of high, especially if it’s mixed with other cannabinoids like CBD or delta-8 THC. This, of course, isn’t scientifically proven, but it comes from anecdotal reports from users who claim that it might make you feel joyful, relaxed, and euphoric with less pain. 

Is THC-H safe? 

While there are no studies available to determine the long-term safety or efficacy of THC-H, its similarities to THC indicate that it might be safe. You should always consult your doctor and do your research before using THC-H, or any other cannabinoid for that matter. 

Keep in mind that even though THC-H isn’t delta-9 THC, it metabolizes the same way in the body and could cause you to fail a drug test at work. You should also take into consideration the strength of THC-H. It would be best to always start with a low dose to see how it affects you before taking a full hit or edible to avoid experiencing anxiety or paranoia commonly associated with THC. 

Is THC-H legal? 

Right now, THC-H and other THC alternatives exist in a legal gray area. Hemp-derived cannabinoids are technically legal on a federal level, but many states have moved to ban them for their similarities to THC, which is still a Schedule I substance. You should always double-check the laws in your state to see if THC-H or other THC alternatives are legal in your area before ordering THC-H online. 

Where to buy THC-H 

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