The market is witnessing a surge in new cannabinoids, and THCM is just the latest addition to the growing list of hemp compounds that consumers are trying to understand. THCM is a rare cannabinoid that does not have any of the practical benefits that you may be seeking. However, that doesn’t mean it’s useless. Use this handy guide to get the full rundown on THCM and learn whether or not you can buy it online. 

Is THCM a Cannabinoid? 

Yes, THCM is a real cannabinoid. It has a similar relationship to THC as CBD does to CBDM, often referred to as “THC monomethylether.” However, THCM is one of the rarest and least studied cannabinoids, and virtually nothing is known about it. Currently, it seems to be unavailable for purchase, including for research purposes. 

However, it is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. THCM was first discovered in 1977, and determined to be a byproduct of THC found in the smoke of cannabis flowers. However, as a degraded form of THC, it’s believed it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. Therefore, it doesn’t get the scientific study that other cannabinoids like THC and CBD do. 

How is THCM Made? 

THCM can’t be made synthetically. According to reports, many attempts to isolate this cannabinoid in a lab have failed, so the jury is still out on how it occurs naturally, let alone how to synthesize it from other cannabinoids.

Effects and Potential Benefits of the THCM Cannabinoid 

The effects and benefits of THCM are unknown since the cannabinoid has not been well-researched. So far, it has mainly been used as an indicator of cannabis use during pregnancy, since it comes up in test results. No practical benefits of THCM have been found yet.

With that in mind, the exact relationship between THCM and THC is unclear. It is yet to be determined if THCM is a metabolite of THC, which causes it to show up in tests, or if it occurs naturally in cannabis. The same was thought about CBDM and CBD, but now it has been discovered to occur naturally in cannabis. Until THCM is found to occur naturally in cannabis, where it comes from and how it works is a total mystery. 


The main difference between THCM and THC is that THCM doesn’t seem to promote any psychoactive effects, and therefore it doesn’t offer any of the therapeutic effects of THC. The THCM cannabinoid is difficult to obtain while THC is widely available (depending on the state), and THCM does not produce the psychoactive effects that THC does. THCM has not received much attention from alternative cannabinoid sellers online, since it can’t be isolated or synthesized at the moment. 

Is the THCM Cannabinoid safe or legal? 

The origin of THCM products is unknown. THCM has only been detected in cannabis smoke and has not been found to occur naturally in the cannabis plant before burning. Any THCM products available online or elsewhere are likely to be synthetic and counterfeit. There are no known suppliers of THCM, reputable or otherwise, since THCM can’t be isolated in a lab. 

The safety of the THCM cannabinoid cannot be confirmed at this time. If it is true that THCM is a natural constituent of cannabis smoke, it is logical to assume that it is not more harmful than cannabis smoke itself. However, the safety of using high concentrations of THCM is uncertain. Until more information is known, it is best to avoid THCM. 

According to the federal government, THCM products would likely be classified as industrial hemp, like CBD, CBG, and CBN products containing less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. However, as no THCM products are currently available, this is a moot point.

Where to buy THCM online 

With the success of alternative cannabinoids like delta 8 and THCV, many are eager to explore and produce every possible alternative cannabinoid that might offer some benefits. However, the abundance of different kinds of THC options raises the question of whether having 20 options is really beneficial for consumers or if a smaller selection of 3-5 would suffice.

THCM has not made its way onto the market due to the lack of demand for it, although this can also be said for many other alternative cannabinoids that are widely available online. THCM cannot be bought mainly because it has yet to be successfully isolated.

That said, you’ll want to avoid it if you see it on the shelves for now—there’s a good chance it isn’t what the producer says it is. In the meantime, stick to the tried and true THC alternatives, like THCa, and THCv, available at The Hemptender