Happy Holidays from The Hemptender! If you’re still on the hunt for some last-minute stocking stuffers or a few gifts grandma is sure to love, check out this hemp gift guide to get you started. Each item on this list is carefully curated to help satisfy your 420-friendly friends and family members, no matter what they’re into. 

For The Workaholics 

If you know a workaholic, you know how dedicated they are. However, they might need to remember to practice the self-care necessary to keep them working their hardest and feeling their best. These gifts are an excellent option for the hardworking people in your life and may help them to perform and feel their best throughout the weekly grind. 

Hemp Seltzers — At the end of the day, your favorite workaholic must put their feet up and find their chill. A delta-8 or THC-free Seltzer is an excellent option for helping your workaholic chill out. Each one comes with a small serving of their favorite cannabinoids in a tasty, refreshing seltzer. These make great gifts if they don’t like to drink alcohol and want to feel some zen vibes at the end of a hard shift. 

For The Tired Ones 

Whether your favorite people just had a new baby or they’re just struggling with deadlines, exams, or seasonal depression, these self-care items are great options for tired, stressed-out, and otherwise burned-out friends and family. Encourage them to slow down and take a few deep breaths, giving them some chill time and the rest they need. 

CBD Bath Bombs — Sometimes, the remedy for stress is to unwind in a nice warm bath. You can give your loved one the gift of extra stress relief with soothing CBD bath bombs. Formulated with nourishing ingredients for the skin and a healthy helping of full-spectrum hemp oil, they can help your loved one carve out some time for rest and relaxation. 

For The Pet Parents 

Pet Parents are usually well-stocked when caring for their furry family members, but they might be missing out on one thing: CBD. CBD may help pets in a ton of different ways, and it may help them keep their pets looking and feeling their best. 

Flavored CBD Pet Tinctures — Even picky eaters will rejoice at the delicious chicken and bacon flavors found in these CBD Pet Tinctures. Easy to measure and administer, these tinctures give pet parents an easy way to treat their pet to a boosted immune system, reduced anxiety and inflammation, increased energy and mobility, and better-looking skin and coat. 

For The Athletes 

Whether they work out at home or can be found at the gym 3 hours a day, so many athletes and exercise enthusiasts can benefit from the benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids. CBD helps reduce pain and inflammation, while delta-8 THC may help them feel more motivated for their workouts wherever they go. These gifts are great if you want to give your sports enthusiast friends the gift of boosted energy and faster recovery times. 

Muscle Balm — Exercise junkies sometimes struggle with recovery days. Whether dealing with sore muscles from a strenuous workout or leftover chronic pain from an old sports injury, CBD-muscle balms are a great way to provide anti-inflammatory relief directly to the skin and sore muscles beneath it. 

Delta-8 Vape Carts — Vape cartridges are a great way to offer a motivational boost on the go. Delta-8 is a milder high, so it won’t feel as overbearing and demotivating as delta-9 THC. With that in mind, a puff or two of it might help your sports enthusiast get their head in the game and focus on feeling their best. Choose from brands like Mellow Fellow, 3Chi, and Delta Extrax at The Hemptender

For The Cook 

If you know someone who knows their way around the kitchen, you know how hard it can be to shop for them. Most of the time, a good cook already has a favorite cooking pot or a weird attachment to a specific type of paprika. But don’t worry— these gifts can help them pursue the things they care about and keep themselves comfy in the kitchen.

Bhumi Chocolate — Cooking with chocolate is super easy and fun! Bhumi chocolates make the perfect addition to many of your cook’s favorite foods and recipes. Each smooth melting chocolate bar is chock full of high-quality ingredients and, of course, hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD and delta-8 THC, which can add a bit of stress relief and mellow vibes to their next dish. 

For You 

Holiday shopping can be a really stressful time! While you’re out, why not treat yourself to a little something to help you get your head in the game and keep your cool. You’re the easiest person on this list to shop for— you know yourself better than anyone! But if you need a suggestion, try this: 

THCa FlowerTHCa flower is just like regular delta-9 THC weed. You can get a few different strains or a pre-roll sampler to regularly check in with yourself and decompress. This is a great gift for yourself and the people you choose to share it with.